Photo by Alec Von Bargen

Photo by Alec Von Bargen

Nasser Lubay


As a self-taught visual artist, Nasser established his artistic brand by incorporating various biotic, organic and geometric patterns. He also uses vivid colors that present a dimensional effect on his paintings. Overall, his paintings give off a mix of pop, psychedelic, surreal, and fantasies.

Nasser has definitely made waves in the art community as his watercolor masterpiece, entitled “Rebirth”, bagged the prestigious Celeste Prize, an international art competition held in Berlin Germany. It did not stop there as he was also recently chosen as one of the Nine Youth Ambassadors for Jollibee, wherein he will be representing the field of arts.

Nasser continues to inspire other people with his art. He wants to engage his viewers and take them to a soulful journey of visual poetry.   “My art is a puzzle made up of everything around me. I intend to paint an unlikely world and bring about poetry from the hearts of everybody.”

- Patricia Gonzales