Notes for September 14 solo show, Previous Solo Exhibitions and Press Features

The process that goes thru my works is to study and explore the human behavior and emotions aside from the scientific understanding and use of the materials for my aesthetic intentions. It is personal research about the science around the random movements of mental and emotional rituals that we go thru every day. I also wanted to learn about the dynamics behind the motivation in the abstraction of my germinating visual forms.

My artworks are like an investigation of collective and personal ideals.

I've been also creating my art impressions to inspire myself and survive the unceasing pressures from around me. This helps me feel better and to keep moving forward.

I have no intention of trying to make people understand my sensibilities and meaning as I still am trying to understand the values of my images, but I wanted to share my visual insights to maybe inspire new possibilities.

Previous Solo Exhibitions

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Works in progress for solo show, Sept 14

Nasser Lubay