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Bahala Na

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Art Trek 2018 in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Philippines and Di Legno Gallery present Bahala Na (Whatever Happen, Happens), which will run from 19th October 30th November 2018.

Akin to the Spanish que sera, sera and the English whatever happens, happens, the Tagalog bahala na is, at first glance, a simple, albeit fatalistic, phrase. However, the term bahala na encompasses much more meaning beyond that. With the phrase deriving its roots from the word bathala, meaning “God”, this linguistic expression signifies leaving something, or someone, in the care of God. No longer is bahala na a hallmark of pessimism; rather, bahala na shows an optimism in life as people entrust their fates to God. Over time, this attitude has become a philosophy of life deeply grounded in the Filipino psyche.

In this exhibition, Di Legno explores this intriguing bahala na attitude with two artists – Jeffrey “Wipo” Baligad and Nasser Lubay.

Through his art, Wipo depicts the bahala na of action. The semifinalist of the 2017 Metrobank Art and Design Competition and a participant of multiple exhibitions in the Philippines and South East Asia, Wipo fuses the bahala na attitude with contemporary visual art techniques to produce art that sifts between reality and surrealism. If one observes closely, there is almost an irony in each piece, with Wipo’s bold and dramatic strokes contradicting with the portrayal of leaving one’s fate to God. Yet, Wipo masterfully reconciles this conflict by displaying how his serendipitous and dynamic style of expression all fall into a perfect mix of chaos and cohesion. Truly, Wipo displays how our actions can be entrusted to God.

On the other hand, Nasser Lubay takes a slightly different approach. The winner of the 2009 Celeste International Art Prize, Lubay focuses on the bahala na of the mind. His pieces are vibrant and whimsical, reminiscent of the way the human mind tends to wander off to fantastic, far-flung places. In other words, Lubay equates the bahala na of the mind with the human imagination. The richness of his paintings is not just the richness of colour, but also of thoughts, emotions, and memories. Yet, for all its magical and mystical glory, the dreams and fancies of our mind are only wistfully impermanent. Our imagination is random, abstract, and left to the care of God; once imagined, never again.

Through this exhibition, Di Legno complements the bahala na of action with the bahala na of the mind. Together, they form the bahala na of the human person. Through the works of Wipo and Lubay, Di Legno hopes to leave with the viewer the message of bahala na, to face life’s setbacks with optimism, vigour, and faith.

Exhibition Title: Bahala Na (Whatever Happen, Happens)
Exhibition Date: October 19 - November 30
Opening Reception: October 19, 2018 Friday 6PM – 9PM 
Location: Di Legno Gallery -- 188-6 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore, 436990, SG 
Contact: Alyssa (Director) +65 6346 2012, info@dilegno.sg

Opening Hours
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 11am to 6pm. Other days by appointment. Closed on Public Holidays. Please call before coming.

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